A secure network
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As easy as making a video call: XplicitTrust simplifies network access, making VPNs and network security less of a hassle.

Seamless connectivity across existing network topologies. Zero Trust principles. Zero client configuration. Deployed in a few minutes. Single sign-on. Multi-Factor-Authentication. Passwordless. Precise access controls. Evaluate device security posture. Works across firewalls and NAT. Identity-based Microsegmentation.

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Some say it's magic

XplicitTrust combines cutting-edge technology into an innovative network access solution.

XplicitTrust is a next-generation VPN network that automatically creates tunnels between devices, anywhere, without the need to touch your firewall.

With single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and access control policies, you can control who can see and connect to which machines.

Unlike traditional VPNs, which typically terminate tunnels at the firewall or network perimeter, XplicitTrust tunnels extend all the way to the desired target devices.

Eliminate the requirement for VPN gateways, complex firewall rulesets, network segmentation via subnets/VLANs, VPN client configuration files, and unreliable VPN clients.

Developed and hosted in Germany, prioritizes data economy by eliminating the need for distributing certificates, private keys, or login credentials.

Achieve your sustainability objectives with a product that utilizes green hosting, requires no additional hardware, and is highly resource-efficient.

Available on all major platforms

Agents are available for the following platforms and operating systems:

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