building products you love!

Threats don't care how big or small your business is. That's why we build enterprise-class products for the many small and midsize businesses out there. Products that are fast to deploy, easy to manage, and cost effective, making state-of-the-art security technology affordable and manageable for businesses of all sizes.

For us, cybersecurity is not a technical issue, but all about people: Frustration-free user experiences. Intuitive user interfaces. Immediate support that solves your problem. We strive to get better at meeting your needs every day.

We believe a best-of-breed approach is the best way to keep up with the pace of innovation required to combat the growing variety of attacks our customers face. That's why we follow a "do one thing and do it well" philosophy and keep our products interoperable.

A short introduction

XplicitTrust is a group of cybersecurity industry veterans who love building network security and management products. The founders met at Astaro, the German network security pioneer, best known for it's great UTM firewalls. We encrypt and route packets of all types and sizes within and between all kinds of networks.


Markus Hennig CFO

Markus started his career at an ISP writing Linux kernel patches, iptables modules and build systems. He co-founded Astaro AG (now Sophos Ltd.) and grew into the roles of COO and CFO, but is still a computer geek.

Following the acquisition of Astaro by Sophos Ltd., he served as CTO of Network Security until becoming co-founder and CFO of OCEDO GmbH (acquired by Riverbed Technology, Inc.).

Markus is a strong customer advocate and builds "product first" organizations. He holds a master's degree in computer science from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).


Daniel Stutz CEO

Daniel joined Astaro as a student trainee, working as a backend developer, team lead and eventually taking on the responsibility of managing the development department.

When Astaro began selling hardware appliances, he led the launch of several Astaro Security Gateway product lines as Technical Product Manager. After the acquisition by Sophos, he moved into a software architect role, conducting technology strategy research and advising the management team as a technology strategist.

Daniel holds several patents in the field of IT security and a Masters degree in Computer Science from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).


Emanuel Taube CTO

Emanuel joined Astaro AG after graduation as an embedded software developer for Astaro's Wireless Access Points.

In just a few years, he advanced to Senior Software Engineer in the Cloud Products division, where he played a key role in the development of the cloud managed Wireless Security products.

Emanuel is a proven expert in system-oriented software development, especially for Linux. But also knows his way around Windows internals and mac OS. He holds a master degree in Mathematics from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

Secure digitalization is a Team Sport!

Today's problems are complex, and a sophisticated threat landscape requires individuals and organizations to connect and collaborate. XplicitTrust is committed to the community and joins forces with others who are striving to provide solutions.

Member of the German startup ecosystem

At XplicitTrust, we believe that startups are the innovation drivers of the European economy of the future. Networks are crucial to transfer knowledge and experience between startups and across generations to build a startup culture rooted in European values. XplicitTrust is an active member of the Cyberforum, alumni of the CyberLab accelerator, part of the KASTEL StartUpSecure community of KIT and has benefited from the work of the KIT Gründerschmiede.

Digitalizing and securing society

Europe's and Germany's digitalization efforts require coordinated cooperation. Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility that depends on transparency as the basis for trust. At XplicitTrust, we see ourselves as part of this shared responsibility and have received a grant from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research under the "StartUpSecure" program to support our efforts to provide solutions that counter threats from cyberspace.

Privacy and informational self-determination

At XplicitTrust privacy is not just a compliance issue. We support the privacy rights of customers, partners, employees and others. We only collect information that is necessary for the function for which it is collected, and we're transparent about it. We don't collect data that we don't process or on the basis that it might be valuable in the future. We regularly delete data and don't keep it longer than necessary.

New work enables social transformation

We encourage new ways of working and are committed to making significant efforts to evolve our organization and processes to support the necessary structures. This includes, but is not limited to, flexible employment models, remote work, part-time work models, and generally balancing a healthy and fulfilling personal life with a career.

Sustainability in mind

At XplicitTrust, we strive to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and products. We use green hosting and green energy to reduce the CO2 emissions of our operations and aim to achieve a net zero carbon footprint. We also support our customers in their Green IT efforts by reducing energy and environmental impact and e-waste, providing software-only products designed with sustainability in mind, and using green coding practices.

Equal opportunities

XplicitTrust is an equal opportunity employer. We pledge to not discriminate against (potential) employees based on protected demographics like, for example, age, sex, disability, national origin, race, religion, color, sexual orientation. We work actively to create an open and inclusive work culture.