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Discover the benefits of XplicitTrust, the next-generation VPN, designed for seamless connectivity, maximum performance, and cutting-edge security. Find out what makes XplicitTrust Network Access different from traditional solutions and how it can take your network security to the next level.

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Conditional Access Control has never been easier!

Identity-based Policies

With XplicitTrust Network Access, you can easily create policies that granularly control which applications and services your users and devices can access. Authenticate users against your identity provider's existing directory with single sign-on and enforce multi-factor or passwordless authentication. Grant access based on your identity provider's existing user groups. Create conditional access rules based on factors such as device compliance and security posture, location, and time. See at a glance which devices have access based on configured criteria.


Actionable Insight into the operational health of your overlay network

Real-time Connection Diagnostics

Network problems happen, and it's not always DNS. XplicitTrust Network Access gives you live visibility into the status of your overlay network. See which tunnels are up and access telemetry such as latency, jitter, and packet loss. Analyze problems and find the root cause with data from a global perspective. Is it the hotel Wi-Fi? The file server? The branch office uplink? It has never been easier to answer these questions.


Reclaim control of your organization's assets

Central Asset Inventory

XplicitTrust Network Access is a one-stop solution for all your connectivity needs. Manage all your network assets and the applications and services they deliver to your business in one place, whether they are servers, printers, conferencing equipment, IP cameras, containers, or cloud services. Control which services are made available and see at a glance which policies grant access to which users and clients. Make applications available even when you can't directly deploy an agent with our virtual resources. Route all traffic back to exit points for further inspection and enforcement.

Modern Network Access

XplicitTrust simplifies network access, making VPNs and network security less of a hassle. It's as easy as making a video call.

Simple Installation

Clients are lightweight, install in a heartbeat, and simply ask for the user's email address, nothing else.

Zero-Configuration Clients

No client configuration necessary. After single sign-on, clients automatically receive their configuration and keys.

Single-Sign On & MFA

Single sign-on and multi-factor authentication. User changes from your identity provider are reflected instantly.

Static IP Addresses

Each device gets a fixed IP address on the overlay network, to avoid collisions with your existing IP addresses.

No Need to Touch Firewalls

We operate independently of your firewalls. No need to make firewall or network configuration changes.

Connect from Anywhere

Works from anywhere. Inside your networks, on the road, from home, in cloud data centers, and more.

Seamless Roaming

No connection loss when you move between locations, WLAN access points, internet providers, and uplinks.

Firewall & NAT Traversal

We automatically traverse firewalls and complex NAT. All while keeping your traffic end-to-end encrypted.

Internal Domain Names

Reach any device using a friendly internal domain name of your choice. Or simply use its IP address.

Highly Secure

Our platform is built around state-of-the art encryption, access control, and security best practices.

Powerful Encryption

We use Wireguard’s™ powerful combination of modern, peer-reviewed cryptographic algorithms.

End-to-End Protection

End-to-end encryption. Private keys exist on your machines only. We cannot see what’s inside your packets.

Automatic Key Rotation

Keys are automatically rotated on all devices every few minutes, for perfect forward secrecy.

Single Packet Authorization

Devices will only respond to authenticated packets, anything else will simply be dropped.

Zero Trust Network Access

Continuous evaluation of location, time, device and security info to check access context according to configured policies.

Precise Access Controls

Precisely control what each user and machine can access, via our policy engine. Enforced at destination.