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The powerful features of XplicitTrust Network Access empower IT departments and CISOs in a wide range of scenarios. Get an overview of how today's technology can help you.

Secure Private Application Access

Business-critical applications are increasingly distributed across multiple office locations, the cloud, and data center environments for seamless collaboration. Enterprises face the unique challenge of controlling each connecting device to ensure secure application access. XplicitTrust Network Access enables adaptive, context-aware, minimal access to private applications from anywhere on any device. Application access is denied by default unless explicitly permitted. The context for application access can include user identity, device type, user location, device security posture, and more.

Adopt a Zero Trust Architecture

Transforming existing network infrastructures to a Zero Trust architecture is challenging. XplicitTrust Network Access can be deployed in any network topology and alongside traditional VPN solutions. Implement Zero Trust Network Access for privileged access, high-risk services, and sensitive data in days and iteratively migrate the rest of your user base. XplicitTrust Network Access gives you a head start without forcing you to cut corners.

Control network access in complex network topologies

Networks that have grown organically over decades are difficult to manage and reorganize. Access control is often implemented only at the perimeter of public networks to simplify authorization. With XplicitTrust Network Access, you can easily implement identity-based micro-segmentation across networks of any size and complexity. Centrally manage controlled network segment traversal without the need to manage individual firewalls.

Make the location of network services irrelevant

Securely routing traffic to network services is difficult, and migrating services to different locations without disrupting access is challenging. Moving applications between clouds, data centers, and on-premises locations is an increasingly common task for IT departments. XplicitTrust Network Access spans a Zero Trust Architecture overlay network that is independent of underlying network topologies and actively brokers optimal connectivity between authorized peers, making the location of network services virtually irrelevant.

Scalable Application Access

Firewalls and VPN gateways are increasingly becoming the bottleneck for secure application delivery. Sizing hardware for access spikes and room for growth, while providing redundancy to mitigate equipment failure, is an expensive waste of resources. XplicitTrust Network Access is a distributed, scalable approach that uses advanced encryption and end-to-end tunneling to offload the work from a centralized choke point. Allowing you to provide resources where they are required.

Strong Authentication for Every Application

Phishing is the number one attack vector for existential threats such as ransomware. Multifactor or even passwordless authentication is the most common mitigation recommended by experts. XplicitTrust Network Access can apply mandatory strong authentication to every application accessed over the network and enforce stricter access requirements for critical services and privileged accounts.

Secure Access to Legacy Applications

Business software such as ERP and CRM systems must be available to traveling salespeople, but they can be difficult to secure and maintain. Legacy applications may no longer provide updates or require migration to newer versions that are incompatible with plug-ins critical to existing workflows. XplicitTrust Network Access can restrict access to unpatchable systems to authorized users from compliant devices, helping IT managers manage the risk of running systems that cannot always be updated to the latest version.

Securing IoT Device Access

As the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem expands within the enterprise, managing access to IoT devices becomes critical to ensuring network security. XplicitTrust Network Access provides a robust solution for controlling and securing access to IoT devices on the network. By implementing context-aware authentication and granular access controls, XplicitTrust ensures that only authorized devices can communicate with IoT endpoints. This minimizes the risk of unauthorized access, data breaches, and potential disruptions caused by compromised IoT devices. With XplicitTrust, organizations can confidently deploy IoT technologies while maintaining a secure network environment.

Ensuring Data Privacy and Compliance

With the increasing focus on privacy regulations and compliance requirements, organizations must implement robust security measures to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance. XplicitTrust Network Access plays a critical role in ensuring data privacy and compliance within the network. By enforcing access controls and encryption mechanisms, XplicitTrust ensures that sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access and data breaches, facilitating compliance with GDPR regulations.

Streamlined Secure Guest Access

Organizations often need to grant temporary access to external employees or guests while maintaining strict security measures. XplicitTrust Network Access simplifies guest access management by providing a secure and controlled environment for external users. With its adaptive access control capabilities, XplicitTrust enables organizations to define granular access policies based on user identity, device type and contextual factors. This ensures that guest users can access only the resources they need, while adhering to the organization's security policies. By streamlining the guest access process and minimizing the risk of unauthorized access, XplicitTrust improves collaboration with external stakeholders without compromising security.

Application-Level Security Policies Enforcement

In today's enterprise environment, securing applications at a granular level is critical to protecting sensitive data and preventing unauthorized access. XplicitTrust Network Access enables organizations to enforce robust application-level security policies to effectively mitigate security risks. By leveraging XplicitTrust's advanced access control capabilities, organizations can define and enforce fine-grained security policies specific to individual applications or services. This includes restricting access based on user roles, permissions, and contextual factors such as device type, location, and security posture.

Airtight Remote Desktop Access

Remote desktop software is a common target for attacks because it provides access to a device through a graphical user interface over the network. On the other hand, it provides tighter control over the data accessed and limits the risk of data exfiltration. With XplicitTrust Network Access, you can restrict remote desktop access to secure, compliant devices and users who are strongly authenticated by multiple factors.